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The Top 6 Cool New Corporate Event Ideas for 2017

Here are our picks for the 6 Best Cool New Event Ideas for 2017 and we know your guests haven’t seen these before. Today, it’s all about creating an event that’s truly unique and engaging. We’re going to help you do just that.


Experiential Marketing. In today’s world of event marketing and corporate events, there aren’t many brands out there that are truly doing things differently. Experiential Marketing is all about creating a unique and creatively branded way for customers to truly experience a brand and build a long-term relationship. In order to effectively do that, you need to think outside of the box.


The Top 6 Cool New Corporate Event Ideas for 2017


1. Capture Your Game:

Capture Your Game by BeCore: Redefining Your Photo Booth

This will blow your photo booth out of the water. Capture Your Game is a premium photo experience where guests are invited to demonstrate their skills in varied sports. Their motion is captured by a high definition camera in a series of fast shutter exposures which freezes them at action points along the way. The photos are then sent to the company’s proprietary software which lays out the exposures in a composited sequence dramatically displaying their movement. The layered sequence is then printed to a poster which includes the guests name, a sponsors logo and custom background. The photo file can also be uploaded to social media, a microsite, or sent to an email address. Guests can take home or share images that would normally be seen in magazines taken of professional athletes. BeCore has pioneered the field of experiential marketing in the events space since 2003.

Learn More: Capture Your Game by BeCore


2. Case Escape Custom Phone Cases:


Custom Phone Cases for Corporate and Mobile Events

Case Escape brings custom phone cases to the mobile events, corporate events, and retail space, enabling cases to be made on-the-spot in 10 minutes or less. The Case Escape team can link up with event photographers, equipped with wifi-enabled memory cards at your event to create incredible, branded cases that create lasting memories for everyone in attendance. Event attendees can also send in their favorite pictures throughout the event and they’ll have a brand new custom phone case ready to pick up before it’s time to go. Since the cases are completely customizable, most brands add their logo and contact information discretely onto each case. With the ability to make a wide variety of different smartphone and tablet cases, our state-of-the-art 3D Sublimation Technology prints your image in beautiful clarity over the entire surface of your case. Watch this one minute video on how it’s done.

Learn More: Contact Case Escape


3. The Bosco Custom GIF Generator Booth:


The Bosco Custom GIF Generator Booth

The Bosco rents state-of-the-art photo booths and video confessionals, that focus on cutting edge technology, design, and social media. Their most popular product is the Automatic GIF booth, which takes four pictures, prints a physical copy, and combines the photos into an animation which is instantly uploaded to the web. There are also options for a video booth that captures broadcast quality video at the touch of a button. Nearly every aspect of the experience is customizable, from the print layout to the backdrop.

Learn More: Get The Bosco


4. The Ohsome Interactive 360 Booth:


Ohsome Interactive 360 Booth

Ohsome Interactive’s most popular feature is the 360 Booth in which you can freeze a moment in time. Attendees enter a booth containing 72 HD cameras focused directly on them.  A countdown begins and users pop a pose while all cameras shutter at the exact same moment.  On the backend, photos are organized, realigned, balanced, and compiled into a 30 second video complete with music and a branded intro & outro.  Attendees are immediately sent an email to a branded website where their final video is hosted.  Social buttons prompt them to share with their social media channels. Users get to play the star, while brands build relationships and convert users into true online ambassadors. This thing is awesome.

Learn More: Contact Ohsome Interactive


5. The Incredible Machines Paintout:


The Meta Agency's Paintout

The Meta Agency represents premier visual artists that are focused on creating a world where event attendees are transformed into visual, experiential, and interactive artists. You become the star of the show. Paintout, developed by Incredible Machines uses a custom designed spray can to paint with light, is one of their more popular turnkey projects which allows guests to spray-paint whatever they’d like onto a digital canvas.  Another great event item they create is #Tones, which allows attendees to collaborate in a unique form of music-making by controlling virtual instruments with their bodies and adding lyrics to the song by Tweeting phrases to a designated hashtag. Super Pong, developed by Super Uber, combines the games of foosball and pong for up to 8 players at a time.

Learn More: Experience The Meta Agency


6. Giant Games by Interactive Entertainment Group:


Giant Angry Birds Game

Interactive Entertainment Group, based out of New York specializes in creating and providing a wide range of custom, innovative solutions for corporate events and parties. Their Giant Angry Birds game has been an awesome hit. Other great event games include Giant Foosball, Giant Pac Man, Giant Photo Strip Booths, Giant Beer Pong, and more. If you’re looking to get your guests involved and interacting with each other, these hilarious event ideas will make for an unforgettable time.

Learn More: Contact Interactive Entertainment Group


Know of any other awesome event ideas we missed out on? Comment and share the link below. 

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    Thank you for sharing your corporate events ideas! We are planning an event at work, and we’re looking for an exciting and engaging event. Planning the event sure takes a lot of time, and I think hiring an events planner will make things a lot easier. I will definitely make use of the ideas from your list.

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