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Top 10 Work From Home Side Business Ideas in 2020

As more businesses switch to remote work and people are recommended to stay at home, now is a good time to think about that business you always wanted to start. There’s no better time than the present to put your ideas into action.

Okay, maybe you’ve lost track of your ideas and you’re having trouble figuring out what type of business you can start, especially from home. The entrepreneurial landscape is always changing, especially in 2020. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 side businesses that you can work from home.

1. Start A Website

If you want to run your own business online, starting a website is the way to go. By owning a website, you have the freedom to make it whatever you want. You can be an influencer and review products, create an eCommerce site to sell products, or start a blog about relatable, inspiring things.

Whatever your website is, it can be profitable with enough traffic: the more people who follow your site, the more companies will pay to advertise on it. Building a website will take some time to become profitable, but once it is, it could go from a side business to your full-time job.

2. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a great side business that you can do from home. If you’re creative and have access to tools like Photoshop or Creative Cloud, you have the unlimited ability to create unique designs. You can turn your designs and creativity into a side business by creating signs or logos for businesses, editing photos, or selling prints of your designs on platforms like Redbubble and Etsy.

3. Create Custom Phone Cases

Making custom phone cases is a profitable, creative side business that anyone can do at home. If you’re a creative person or an artist, this is a side business that could make you a lot of extra money. Unlike designing cases online and ordering the product in bulk, you can purchase case creating kits from companies like Case Escape, which allow you to put your creativity to work. These packages give you more creative freedom and cut out the middleman (dropshipping) from your business.

With a business like this, consider setting up online accounts with Shopify or Etsy to reach a larger audience of customers. You can even get into your local community and run fundraising/charity events or attend fairs/trade shows. With the freedom to create cases of any type, with any design, you can even offer commission options for your customers.

4. Create Automated Bots

Many businesses find themselves overwhelmed with tedious tasks that take up excessive amounts of time. Most of these tasks are easily automated with the help of robotic process automation, a type of software that can be customized to automate almost any structured business process. Different automation companies offer free online tools that teach you to build custom process automation bots. You can start an at-home consulting service for companies, selling them the automated task bots you build. Automating tasks saves businesses a lot of time and money, so once you get established, you can put quite the price tag on your service.

5. Become a TikTok Influencer

TikTok has grown to be one of the biggest online platforms for influencers. On the app, you create and share short videos to gain followers. These videos can be funny, unique, a showcase of your talent, and much more. As long as you understand how to use TikTok, you can start building a following. Your follower base is how you turn this fun app into a side business. With enough followers, companies will want to sponsor you so you post ads or videos with their products. This side business can earn you money and apparel from sponsorships.

6. Tutor or Teach Online

More students are learning online than ever before. If you have experience teaching or if you’ve mastered a specific subject or exam, you can go online and help students with their studies. There are a variety of sites you can go through or try connecting with schools in your area who may be looking for virtual tutors or teachers for local students.

7. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are one of the more difficult, yet rewarding side businesses you can do from home. If you have a decent microphone and a computer, you can start your own podcast. Just make sure you are passionate about your topics, because you’ll have to make it interesting and unique to grow an audience.

Like with building a website, the more people who follow your podcast, the more companies will want to pay for advertisements on your show.

8. Create Apps

Creating apps can be a fun way to start a successful side business. Even just creating a few, well-functioning apps can get you on the right track. You can sell apps that prove to be successful or you can be a contractor and create apps for businesses and websites. Whatever path you choose, you can have a decent-paying, low-maintenance side business through app development. If you have no experience developing apps yourself, try partnering with someone through a freelancer site such as Upwork.

9. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are just like personal assistants, except they’re over the internet! You can start a side business as a virtual assistant and help business leaders schedule meetings, plan trips, and sort through emails. This is no light task, being a virtual assistant can be demanding and time-consuming, but it can also lead to high-paying full-time gigs. If you like organizing and helping people, being a virtual assistant could be the position for you. Many business owners are adapting to working from home and may need additional assistance at a time like this.

10. Become A Translator

If you’re fluent in a foreign language, becoming a translator could be an easy, high-paying side business for you. When people think of translators, they imagine a person who acts as a mediator, translating a conversation between two speakers. These days, many translators are employed by companies to accurately translate documents, articles, and even blog posts. If an international company wants to reach all of their prospective consumers, they’ll have to appeal to them in the consumers’ native language. Translators are the key to making translations sound natural, so companies will contract translators to ensure that all of their content is correct and appealing across different foreign languages.

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