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The Power of Good, Better, and Best

Knowing what your customers want is the most important element to creating a successful business.


When evaluating your pricing and packages, take into account what your customers really want and value. Listen to what they request and the feedback they give you (whether verbal or non-verbal). A great way to implement meaningful updates to your current business model is to create a Good, Better, Best strategy.


The advantage of this pricing model is that it gives your customers options, much more custom-tailored to their needs. Tunneling everyone into one choice in today’s day and age is suicide, there are alternative options in literally every facet of business.


Most importantly, make sure what you’re offering is what your customers are looking for. Honestly ask yourself the questions, “Why would my customer be willing to purchase the largest package I’m offering? Which one would I choose if I were in their shoes?”


If your answer is the smallest package, you’re way off base. Creating that additional value not only makes the offer more enticing, it should instantly eliminate everything that doesn’t include these items.


The Good, Better, Best allows for three tiered options, and like the name, they continue to add value as they grow. There’s something for everybody.


This strategy caters directly to the size of the client that Case Escape is targeting. Keep an open mind to expanding your offering within each of these and do not be afraid to offer additional features for free.


Click here to see our updated Good, Better, Best Pricing Model.


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