The 7 Best Websites to Sell Phone Cases Online

In today’s world of easy access to products and information online, it only makes sense to take your business online and straight to where your customers are spending the most amount of time. To help you get started where it matters most, here are the 7 Best Websites to Sell Phone Cases Online.


Etsy, eBay, Amazon. Some of these websites you’ll have already heard of simply because of their sheer size and market dominance in the eCommerce space. What you may not know is that they all have very actively engaged buyers that are looking for awesome iPhone, Samsung, and Google cases on a daily basis. We ranked these websites in order of relevance, potential market size, possibilities for growth, and how active average buyers are.

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The 7 Best Websites to Sell Phone Cases Online


1. Etsy:

With over 1,000,000 sellers around the world in 2013, Etsy comes in at number 1 in our rankings chiefly because sellers of handcrafted phone cases have the highest profit margins and phone cases are a particularly hot item on the platform. Etsy sellers processed over $1.35 Billion in transactions during 2013, with mobile phone accessories representing one of the larger segments of business for the company. Two things that set Etsy apart from all the other online marketplaces for selling phone cases is the detailed analytics tracking and ability to easily interact & engage with your potential customers. Users on Etsy have the ability to ‘Favorite’ and ‘Follow’ both individual product listings and your store, which qualifies them as warm sales leads. You’re able to get in depth data about specific keywords referring new visitors to your shop and listings, so you know what performs well for you. Most importantly, Etsy is very affordable to get started with listing prices of just $.20/ea and a transaction fee of 3.5% on each sale.



Thank of Fancy like Pinterest, but you can actually buy everything you see right there on the page in just a few clicks. It’s an awesome online marketplace for all things cool. Apple accessories that are unique, well designed, and creatively photographed typically perform very well on the website. If you can get your phone cases featured on the homepage, expect to easily sell in the hundreds of cases in a matter of days if the price is right. However, in order to get featured on the homepage, you must have the right combination of unique design and beautiful photography to get recognized by Fancy tastemakers who carefully curate the homepage of the website. Fancy gets high marks because of the virility factor, hit it right and you’ll be moving a lot of product, fast.


3. Luulla:

Luulla is incredibly similar to the female-friendly product social network, but you’re able to buy & sell products directly on the platform. Luulla takes a very unique social approach to sellers promoting their products on the website. When you sign up to sell, the pricing structure is virtually the same as Etsy, with listing prices of just $.20/ea and a transaction fee of 4.5% on each sale (1% higher than Etsy). Because of the access to a much more fashion conscious, younger, and socially active network of shoppers than on Etsy, it makes a LOT of sense to have a presence on Luulla.


4. Society6:

Society6 has dedicated one of it’s main 6 product categories specifically to phone cases and skins. While you’re not able to sell your own products physically on Society6, it’s designed with artists in mind that can upload their artwork (to be printed on cases and sold directly by Society6 to members). Because there’s so much less effort involved with selling on Society6, and many artists experience great results with their creative & unique patterns, Society6 makes our top list as a marketplace not to ignore. You can expect to profit $3.50/ea on the sale of any phone cases that your artwork gets printed on for sale.

5. Bonanza:

Bonanza’s growing marketplace is becoming an increasingly viable destination for selling phone cases in high volumes. With a lower quality design aesthetic and lesser influence on the visual/social shopping experience, products on Bonanza generally command much lower prices than the exact same products that can be found on Etsy, Luulla, or Society6. That being said, with Bonanza you are getting access to a more internationally diverse network of potential customers. If you’re looking to grow your reach outside of the US, Bonanza is a must because of their zero listing fee policy (and just 3.5% processing fee on each sale). There’s no risk to setting up a shop and optimizing it for making sales, simply the investment of your time.


6. Amazon:

Here’s where it starts to get quick & dirty. While Amazon has by far the largest network of online shoppers so far in this category, you’ll be competing in a race to the bottom on pricing. It’s very important that your case designs be truly unique on Amazon, in order to find customers that are willing to justify the purchase when you’ll be competing directly with Chinese manufacturers selling very plain cases at wholesale prices. Amazon’s only worth your time investment for selling phone cases if you have the ability to stomach retail prices of closer to $10/ea. There’s a good chance of hitting high volumes of orders, but expect to have others move in on your niche if you start doing well. Price is the name of the game on Amazon.


7. eBay:

The quickest and dirtiest of them all. Very few cases for sell on eBay are anything more unique than just simple, single colored silicon or plastic cases. With a hyper focus on low-priced items, there are a large number of international manufacturers taking advantage of direct-to-consumer selling. A high priced phone case on eBay is anything over $7.99, so be aware if you step into this arena that your margins will likely be the lowest of them all.

Do you use any other websites for selling phone cases online? Share them below.


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