How to Sell Phone Cases on Amazon

As with any selling platform, there are tricks of the trade to become successful in getting your product noticed. Amazon is arguably the most robust of the list due to the sheer amount of products on the site. Their “seller central” which is the seller portal, has to accommodate all products, which if used incorrectly can cause your product to be listed in the wrong areas or not show up in search results. Furthermore, there are a countless amount of SEO tips which all add to the product relevancy for different search terms.

If you’re looking to sell phone cases on Amazon, check out the below tips and tricks of the trade. Also, if you’re looking to start a phone case business for the first time, check out Case Escape’s Start Up Kits which come with virtually everything you need for your business and a support team that can help you set up on platforms like Amazon.


  1. Amazon Prime


Before we get into phone case specifics, we need to discuss Amazon Prime. This is hands down the most important piece of the Amazon puzzle. You simply cannot compete if you do not have your product on Prime because it has become the standard for customers in the United States. Simply put, they expect their new item to arrive in 2 business days and the majority of consumers will not consider something that isn’t stamped with the Prime logo. There is even a heavily used filter which sorts products out that are not a part of prime.


So, how do you get on Prime? You’ll need to utilize a tool Amazon calls “Fulfilled by Amazon” or FBA. Basically, you will need to have a UPC code attached to each of your products (learn more about this HERE) and have inventory packaged and ready to send to Amazon warehouses. Depending on how much inventory you’re sending, Amazon may prompt you to send product to multiple warehouses all over the country. You’ll need to print out barcodes that Amazon generates, or you can have Amazon do this internally for an additional fee. Our recommendation is to do as many steps as possible in-house, because dealing with Amazon inventory storage and selling fees are expensive as is. Amazon provides a Seller University and Selling Coach in their Tutorials for in depth assistance with listing products and FBA.


  1. Title, Keywords, Description, Tagging



It may seem like a lot of effort if you have hundreds of SKUs, but the text that you use for your listings is crucial to it’s success. There are many articles which focus mainly on this, because the majority of sellers do this wrong, or are lazy about it. No one said it’s fun, but putting the most effective words into these areas will drive your listing to the top. Once it’s sorted by Prime, you’ll still have a lot of competition in the space. If you’re starting out for the first time, you’ll see sellers with thousands of reviews and products that are Amazon “Best Sellers”. Your goal isn’t to compete directly with them, but rather find a niche that your customers are looking for.


Specifically dealing with phone cases, what is it about your cases that sets you apart? If you see Case Escape’s Amazon Page, you’ll find that the majority of the cases are wood and geometric designs inspired by nature. The keywords “geometric”, “chevron”, “nature”, “wood”, etc are all much more effective than simply putting “iPhone X Phone Case”. Think of it in terms of competition: the amount of sellers will shrink with the more specific the keywords get. On Amazon, you do not have to go for #1 overall, but rather #1 for a specific section of the market. Focus on what sets you apart and you’ll be on a path to success.


  1. Pricing, Pictures, and Reviews




This may go without saying, but professional looking photos are another driver of success. Think of what you would want to see if purchasing your product. For phone cases, this encompasses style, quality, protection, and design. Taking pictures at different angles and offering descriptive words to describe features is important to guide people to click “add to cart”. If your customers like what they see, they will then be driven to look at the price. They’ll likely be using Amazon Prime, so shipping isn’t going to be a big concern. Your main focus will be setting up a sale to make your products look like a great deal. A normal range for phone cases is $15 – $25, but there will always be the outliers which are cheaper and more expensive. Just like with keywords, find your niche in pricing. Do the features warrant a higher price point? Will customers be willing to pay this?


At Case Escape, we preach the fact that all of our cases are handmade, fully wrapped, and sublimated. We believe that the right price for our cases is around $20, and see based on the reviews that most people agree. While you will not be able to please everyone, it is important to keep an eye on your reviews. New customers trust what previous customers say much more than what you say about your own product, and will take an equal amount of time looking over the reviews. The challenge here is that happy customers are much less likely to review, so make sure to reach out to them asking if they’d kindly add a review after they’ve had a chance to use your product.




Keeping the above points in mind, you’ll be able to kick your phone case business off on Amazon in the right way. Please see this article for tip with selling on Etsy. If you have any questions at all about how to get started on the fulfillment side to get product to Amazon, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We offer ways for you to make your own cases, or for us to do the drop shipping for you.


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