Phone Case Photoshop Templates

Phone Case Photoshop Templates and Mockups for Custom Case Printing

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Many have been asking for access to our Phone Case Photoshop Templates which are used during the custom phone case making process. These templates, provided to all Case Escape clients for free are now available a la carte to you.


If you’re looking for a quick solution to getting the Photoshop Templates needed to design and size the images for making custom phone cases, look no further. Don’t hassle with templates that don’t work for you and don’t settle for guessing the size you need for printing your image onto a phone case.


Click here to Order your Phone Case Photoshop Templates:

Our Phone Case Photoshop Templates are available for the following devices:

  • iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6/6s & iPhone 6/6s Plus
  • iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung Note 4
  • Google Pixel

Our Phone Case Photoshop Template and Mockup Bundle Pack is available for $89.79 and you get all 30 templates (a $300.00 value).

Let us know if you need photoshop templates for other devices and we’re happy to help.

Click here to order today:

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10 thoughts on “Phone Case Photoshop Templates and Mockups for Custom Case Printing

  1. Hi, do you have template for HTC One M7?

  2. Hi Manual – yes we do have the Photoshop Template available for the HTC One M7. I’ll shoot you an email to connect.

  3. Brad says:

    Hi, Do you have the template for a Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4?

  4. Hi Brad – Yes, the Template for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 are both included with in the Bundle Pack that you can pick up here:

  5. Becky says:

    Hi, Do you have the template for a Blackberry Z10 ? Thanks

  6. Hi Becky – Yes, the template for the BlackBerry Z10 is included in our Bundle Pack of Phone Case Photoshop Templates, which you can pick up right here:

  7. rolf says:

    Do you have a template for the ipod 6g and htc one ?
    could you add theme to my order if I buy phoyoshop templates ?

  8. Rolf – Yes, we can certainly add those in for you. I emailed you with details on how to download those templates.

  9. Craig Dyer says:

    Do you happen to have a template for popsockets?

  10. James says:

    do you have a template for the samsung J5 Pro?

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