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Introducing the New Mini 3D Sublimation Heat Press and Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

Introducing the Brand New Mini 3D Sublimation Heat Press. To our Startup Kit clients that want a more portable, mobile solution for printing custom phone cases, this machine is for you. It’s also time to start ordering your Blank Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Not only is the New Mini 3D Sublimation Machine smaller and more portable, it drops the cost on a Startup Kit down to $2,750.00 so you’re also getting a more affordable option. This Mini Machine is perfect for Mall Kiosks and other venues that are tight on space.

Here’s a more detailed look at the New Mini 3D Sublimation Heat Press

The Brand New Mini 3D Sublimation Heat Press for Sale Now


To learn more about the Startup Kit and the New Mini 3D Sublimation Machine, get in touch with us today or check out our Startup Kit Information Guide. As with all Case Escape Startup Kit clients, you’re investing in much more than just an equipment bundle to get started with your business. We’ll provide you with tons of free training resources, instructional videos, and ongoing support to make sure you hit the ground running.


To get started today, click below and order your Mini Startup Kit now.


Order Your New Mini Startup Kit Today and Make Fully Custom Phone Cases with your Business

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