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Lucas is a senior in High School, looking to continue his education at Hanover College. He is currently involved in a unique class known as CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities). This class is unlike any other typical High School class. It is funded by local business investors, visits nearly 100 businesses a year, and hosts 50-60 guest speakers. Here is what Lucas has to say about this one-of-a-kind opportunity:

“Through the CEO program, I have started my own business, MyCase. My goal is to develop my business and to not only learn the aspects of running a business, but also be able to grow the business to a point where my college student debt is very minimal. Going in debt at 18 years old is a little scary, however I am confident that with the high quality of the product, I will be able to grow and expire my debt in a short amount of time.”

“As a busy High School student who is involved in many activities, MyCase allows me the perfect opportunity to explore entrepreneurship due to the flexibility of being able to focus on my business after school, late at night and on weekends. The response and feedback from my customers has been extremely positive thus far. Everyone has been impressed with the quality of the design and the speed at which we can deliver their phone case.”


“In addition to being interested in and now owning my own business, I also spend a great deal of time on the tennis court and will be playing for Hanover College in the fall of 2016. My family has been very supportive of my business and all of my endeavors. Without them, I would not have been able to start up MyCase and grow at such a fast rate. I’m excited for what the future holds with MyCase and eager to grow my sales!”

Case Escape is proud to have young entrepreneurs such as Lucas as part of our team. Check out his brand new website here, or by clicking on the image above.

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