iPhone 13: Features, Prices, Rumors

Apple continues its tradition of releasing its flagship iPhone models this year with the iPhone 13. While we still don’t have solid confirmation on its performance, features, and pricing, we can speculate based on Apple’s previous models. Likewise, reliable sources have confirmed some design decisions Apple has made with iPhone 13, and there is plenty to look forward to. Let’s discuss iPhone 13 before its official announcement and launch.

Features We Can Expect from iPhone 13

With iPhone 12 debuting in 2020, it’s safe to assume that iPhone 13 won’t be delayed until 2022 and instead launch sometime in the Fall. Many have pointed toward September as Apple’s target announcement and launch window. Industry professionals point out that Apple will announce four different versions of iPhone 13 suited for different users and budgets.

This is in line with what happened with iPhone 12 in 2020. Dummy models of iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, Pro Max are circulating the web and allow phone case businesses an opportunity to meet customer demand early. From the dummy models, we can surmise no major changes are made to the unit’s external design, with Apple sticking close to the iPhone 12’s look. However, Apple is trying to hide the front camera somewhat behind the display to create a smoother front-facing design.

We can expect iPhone 13 to come in white, black, green, and red at launch. This continues Apple’s tradition of limiting one color over others to increase its demand, with sunset gold being rumored as an exclusive launch color. Waterproofing and durability improvements are expected, with the iPhone 12’s stainless steel rim also rumored to be under consideration for elimination. It attracted fingerprints and didn’t do the phone any favors in terms of aesthetics while in active use.

While still unconfirmed, many sources point toward iPhone 13 featuring larger batteries which will extend the devices’ life expectancy. iPhone 13 Pro Max is expected to use 4352mAh batteries, with iPhone 13 and 13 Pro using 3095mAh batteries and iPhone 13 Mini using 2406mAh batteries. Combined with the new A15 chip, lower power consumption and faster charging are expected as major selling points for iPhone 13.

Rumors Regarding the Upcoming iPhone 13

Apple is making several small but significant changes to their flagship phone’s design in the upcoming iPhone 13. The microphone is rumored to be relocated to allow for a slimmer front camera module. New camera features and improvements are being made with newer technology than the one featured in iPhone 12.

Early rumors also suggest that Apple is bringing a 120Hz ProMotion display to iPhone 13 models Pro and Pro Max. This feature is being pointed out as the reason for the delayed announcement of the iPhone 13 this year since it supposedly caused battery life issues. Apple will continue its relationship with Samsung who will provide LTPO OLED displays for iPhone 13 models featuring a 120Hz refresh rate.

Further rumors regarding iPhone 13’s cameras point to it featuring a four-camera system, compared to iPhone 12’s three-camera system. Rumors are contradictory on this point, with many leakers disagreeing about whether the new phone will feature three or four cameras. It’s also rumored that Apple may increase its flagship model’s camera MP count, with iPhone 13 supposedly featuring 64/40/40/40 MP counts on each camera respectively. This is debatable, however, since it would involve Apple increasing the pixel count of their cameras, something they rarely do. Apple’s increased reliance on AR is rumored to be expanded with LiDAR on all phone models starting with iPhone 13.

When it comes to ports, rumors point toward Apple abandoning the standard Lightning connector and choosing to go with a port-less design instead. This is controversial, as USB-C is becoming an industry standard and is facing government regulation with mandates and laws in the EU. Magnetic charging ports meant for synchronization between iPhone and Mac devices are expected to return with iPhone 13. With Apple reportedly relying on 5nm+ A15 chips this year, battery consumption questions rear their heads. It remains to be seen how different iPhone 13 models handle stress tests once they launch in 2021.

Apple is rumored to be using Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 and X70 5G modems in their newest flagship phones. The company has stated that they want users to experience the same internet speeds as if they were at home. Using these 5G chips will reduce Apple’s production costs, but it remains to be seen how it will affect the prices, if at all. Experts predict that iPhone 13 will rely on Wi-Fi 6E with 6GHz band support, with a fast bandwidth and low latency.

The Price Range of iPhone 13

Early rumors suggest that Apple will increase the prices of its four iPhone 13 models due to production issues caused by the global pandemic. Prices are expected to match those of iPhone 12 models, while the last year’s models will decrease in price. This gives us the following price points: iPhone 13 Mini at $699, iPhone 13 at $799, iPhone 13 Pro at $999, and iPhone 13 Pro Max at $1099.

Given how many innovations are expected in the newest models, as well as improvements to existing technology, these prices make sense. Apple’s long-time fans will be used to these prices, as the company hasn’t made any major changes to its iPhone pricing structure in recent years.

Looking Forward to the New iPhone 13 (Conclusion)

These are all the features and rumors currently in circulation when it comes to iPhone 13 and its various models. While most of them are solid, with the expected launch happening in just a few weeks, much is still unclear. Bloomberg reports that Apple is developing foldable iPhone models, but they are not likely to be part of its 2021 lineup as of this moment. Apple is expected to hold its annual presentation sometime in late September, where the newest iPhone model is expected to be shown in greater detail.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/OQ4tJVXMCYM

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