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Introducing Brand New Blank Case Pricing and Samsung Galaxy S5 Protective Cases

Introducing updated (better) Blank Case pricing and the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 Protective 2-in-1 Cases.


Today’s a big day. Lower pricing and the introduction of our brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 Protective 2-in-1 Blank Cases for 3D Sublimation.


Our Value Proposition to You


Here at Case Escape, we strive to provide as much value as possible to our clients and create lasting partnerships that ensure you get your business set up not only quickly, but effectively for achieving your goals. Most of the time, the true value added for our clients comes in the form of our Awesome Training Course, which includes detailed Training Manuals, Operation Guides, Instructional Videos, Walk-throughs, Photoshop Templates, Tutorials, and Ongoing Support. What sets us apart from everyone else in the 3D Sublimation Phone Case industry is our dedication to your ongoing success, not just making a quick sale and moving on. We realize that our success is tied to that of our clients and we’ve built our business to reflect that ideology.


Today we’re releasing our newer, better, lower Blank Case Pricing as part of our continual initiative to provide even more value to our clients. Coupled with the announcement of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 Protective 2-in-1’s, needless to say, we’re excited over here.

Here’s our updated Blank Case pricing:


Case Escape New Blank Case Pricing


Case Escape New 2-in-1 Blank Case Pricing


We’ve been selling a lot of our Sample Packs over the past few weeks. That’s because it’s hands down the best way to truly see the great quality and awesome potential that this business can have for you. What’s more is that almost everyone who purchases a Sample Pack, ends up getting a Startup Kit – you’ll love what you get.

For just $15.00, you’ll get 2 printed samples and 1 blank sample so you can see the transition from blank canvas to finished masterpiece. Click the image below to order your Sample Pack today.


Order your Custom Phone Case Sample Pack Today

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