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How to Best Utilize Video For Your Business

Video marketing is on the rise.

Brands across the globe are utilizing it to increase their audience sizes and harness this marketing trend to offer value to their existing audiences. It’s a great format because it allows for a lot of creative freedom and it’s easy for users to consume. After all, your audience doesn’t have to do anything but press play, making consumption effortless.

So, can you use video too?

In short, sure you can! With a bit of creativity and some video making equipment, video can become one of your best allies. The majority of smartphones on the market today have a clear enough camera record and share video for promotional purposes. Netflix just filmed a movie, “High Flying Bird” which was shot on an iPhone, which means everyone now has this ability in the palms of their hands.

If you’re searching ways to create content, here are some video marketing ideas:

Brand videos

This is a type of video where a brand shares its own story. People like it because it often reveals a softer, more human side of the brand. This video can showcase your history as a company, highlight and educate your product lines, and how they came to be and so on. Make sure that the brand voice, personality, and design are consistent with your other formats. While your video doesn’t necessarily have to have a “viral” effect, it definitely needs to be engaging. These types of videos are generally the first piece of content many consumers see about your brand, so it’s extremely important to deliver the right message. Watch Case Escape’s Brand Video for an example on “How to Start a Phone Case Business”.

Snapchat videos

These are known as the ‘disappearing videos.’ They can basically be whatever you want them to be – from brand videos to advertisement videos. However, you should make sure this isn’t the type of content that you would benefit from more if it stayed on for longer. You also have to keep in mind that these videos will be exclusive to your Snapchat audience. The goal is to make this type of video seem very organic. It should show the day to day life of your brand when something interesting or exciting is happening. Showcasing a daily stream will allow your audience to connect with your company on an ongoing basis and they will also be able to engage and interact with the content you create.

Explainer / How-to videos

Explainer videos are similar to how-to videos because they have a similar purpose of educating the customer on your product or service. In explainer videos, a representative will talk about how your product or service can help address different problems that you are set out to fix. Through a good video, you’ll be able to convince your audience why they may need a product that they’ve never thought about before.  

Also, you can use these videos to compare products either within you own product line or in comparison to competitors. It can be, for instance, how to pick the best product from your offering or something similar. These can also be animated in some way to deliver a more lighthearted message.

How-to videos are useful in that they help your audience with something that’s close to your industry or company. They are helpful, and people like them because they offer free solutions to their common problems.


Demo videos showcase your products and how they work. They give users an insight into what they will see and get if they purchase your product or service. These can be very useful as training videos which in turn increases the value of your brand. The customer will likely form a loyalty with your product if they have a good experience using it and it’s easy to learn. Demo videos especially are important to keep updated with the latest products and technologies. Watch Case Escape’s Demo Video on “How Custom Phone Cases Are Made”


Interview videos are usually produced with an influencer from your industry, and they contain valuable information on trends, new technologies, events and so on. They are usually very interesting to the audience specifically because of the influencer who’s involved. These videos are great at a macro level because they are allowing your consumer to understand how others are talking about your product, or gaining personal insight into those associated with the brand. For instance, a great video would be to interview the CEO of the company and describe how it was founded, what are the goals of the company, and what excites him or her about the future of the brand. Watch Case Escape’s Interview Video on “The Case Escape Story” with CEO Matt Feldman.

Brand messaging

“Brand messaging is when a brand directly addresses the audience. For example, if they have an announcement or something to disclose. These videos will usually showcase someone from the top team as a speaker, if not the founder,” says Stephanie Gibson, a social media manager at Next Coursework and Brit student. These videos are best to be saved for when there is a huge announcement that the company is looking to share with its immediate audience. The loyal consumers will see this video almost immediately, and help create a buzz around the new information that can then take a life of its own.


Testimonials showcase someone from the audience who has had experience with your product or service and is satisfied with it. They will tell their story in a simple, friendly, and relatable tone. This can be some of the most valuable video a company will showcase, because consumers tend to believe other consumers over what the brand has to say about itself. Through sites like Yelp, positive reviews have become a major focus for customers. Reference Case Escape’s Tutorial Video for an example.

Testimonials follow the simple pattern of the user talking about which problems they faced before, finding your product or service, how it helped and what are their results now. It’s a great type of video for establishing credibility.

Animated/AR Videos

Animated videos allow for the ultimate creative freedom. They are usually used for advertising purposes, but you can also use animation in other formats such as explanatory videos, how to videos and so on.  These generally require a larger budget since it is difficult to create this type of content without knowledge of animation, so save these for pieces that will be used for a long period of time. Also, they will take at least a few months to produce, so make sure to plan ahead. Take a look at Case Escape’s Animated Introduction Video for an example.

If you’re really tech focused, your company may want to consider Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality advertising. “AR videos add another, digital layer to the images and this allows users to get a closer look to the products or services,” says Anna Dunnby, a marketing expert at Writemyx and Australia2write.

Videos are the future of marketing. Embrace them and try out all of these different types to get the desired response from your audience.

Working as a Marketing Specialist at Academic Brits and Origin Writings, Ellen Lawton works hard to help companies create effective marketing strategies. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise and writes for blogs like PhD Kingdom and online magazines. Her main goal is to show people the wide variety of ways to market their products or services.

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