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5 Amazing Hacks To Grow Your Online Phone Case Business

With the popularity of smartphones, accessories have also become quite popular. People are constantly looking for unique and attractive phone cases they can gift or buy. If you are thinking about how to start or expand your phone case business, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some hacks that can help grow your phone case sales. Have a look below:


You can find countless online and marketplaces where you could potentially sell your cases. But you do not need to randomly choose a channel, because whatever platform you choose will depend on some factors. For example, who your target customers are? What is your style? Is it precisely because of some audience or demographic that would want your product? Do you position your case as a luxury item or something utilitarian? When you get the answers to these questions, you will know how you want to proceed and what channels you are more comfortable working with. For a comprehensive list, check out the 7 Best Places to Sell Phone Cases Online

Etsy is a good option for you as it is an online marketplace with the specialty in vintage, handmade, and custom goods. When it comes to online businesses, one cannot ignore Amazon. Amazon/Handmade at Amazon is a suitable option for many aspiring businessmen. It has more than 3 hundred million active users and is the largest e-retailer in the States.

While Amazon is great, the biggest marketplace in the world can be scary. The competition is vast, and you will have a hard time establishing your business unless you’re on Prime. Handmade at Amazon is still an option that is worth considering for your phone case business. Shopify is the e-commerce platform that has always helped startups, and entrepreneurs like yourself can now set up your own online store. If you’d like a custom built website, Case Escape offers this service along with their start up kits which have all of the equipment, supplies, and training necessary to make and sell your own phone cases. If you want full control of your phone case sales and want to avoid marketplace fees per sale, you should definitely consider this option.

Shopify, and other networks such as Squarespace and BigCommerce, let you let you create your online storefront in a short time. But you will be responsible for your own customers and traffic. Connecting and partnering with companies and brands is also a quick way to make significant sales. Many companies buy gifts for their employees and order promotional products for their conferences or events. When you pair up with an event organizer or ask any brand manager about your intentions, they will help you out. A lot of brands are interested in such collaborations and it is a great way to build useful relationships and land big deals.

Leverage Your Community

When you start your business, your personal network is where you can first get honest feedback and advice. Validating your business idea is how you will know if you are on the right track or not. You can ask your audience to give their thoughts on things they think you should change. Provide them with the content they need and be able to handle the constructive criticism.

Talk to people in your social circle and ask what they would be interested in. You can show off custom phone cases as a sample from Case Escape. That way, you will know what your customers’ response is and what they will expect and like. There are many Influencer marketing benefits, use them.

Visual Style

Your brand is what people will perceive it as. Does it look and sound good? Is it attractive? These are some questions that pop into people’s mind when they see a brand. When you have narrowed your niche, you need to translate it into a visual style that represents you and your brand. With a phone case business, your visual brand will be everything. Think of your brand in a broader sense and think about the message you want to give. Think about the color combinations, the visual styles, icons, illustrations, typography, and photos. When you build a board with the visual representation of your imagination, a visual style will start to emerge. After this, you can either design your cases yourself or bring you can get a designer to help you. If you want to get a designer, then look for someone who can bring your brand to life. Case Escape has a team of graphic designers that can support whatever vision you have for your brand and only charge $20 per design. 

Drive Traffic To Your Store

Increasing traffic will directly result in increased sales as well, so you need to form a strategy. You can advertise your product by posting ads on platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. It is advised that you create an ad budget; however, if you do not have enough money, you can still drive traffic to your page for free. Always complement your advertising with some other helpful organic methods, like blogging.

There is a good chance that you have clicked on a Pinterest picture at some point. When you have the right strategy, you can get people to click on your pictures too. Instagram also offers many advertising options that you have to pay for, but it will reach a large audience and put your phone cases in front of a wider audience. Post attractive pictures, with lots and lots of hashtags, and try to target the people who are most likely to buy your phone cases.


Have you decided how you will sell and supply your phone cases? If you decide not to make them yourself, drop shipping is a simple solution. It is where a third party company will handle all of the logistics of creating and distributing your phone cases, while your only responsibility will be marketing and sales. You do not have to keep an inventory or deal with any shipping problems. This is one of the best ways you can provide your product with low start up costs when you start an online business.

With these hacks, your online business will grow in a short time. Please comment below with any thoughts or additions you have to the content above.

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