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Can I order discounted samples of Case Escape Cases?

Yes! We recommend checking out samples to see the quality of the cases in both matte and glossy.  Since our printing process physically bonds the inks directly into your case, the image will never fade or scratch off. Order a Case Escape Sample Pack today. You’ll get 2 Printed Samples (1 standard, 1 protective) and we’ll throw in a blank case so you can see how each case starts out. The Sample Pack is $15 with shipping included to US residents.

Are Case Escape Cases protective?

Yes, Case Escape Cases are composed of a high impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic that will keep your customers tech well protected. Our line of Durable 2-in-1 Cases come with a Rubber Shock-absorbent layer with a customizable outer shell.

Will the Case Escape Startup Kit Equipment work with just any wall outlet wherever I want to plug in? Is the Startup Kit compatible with a 110V wall outlet?

Yes, all of the equipment in the Case Escape Startup Kit (including the Heat Press, Sublimation Printer, etc.) are compatible with a standard 110V US wall outlet and comes with a standard plug. Because the Heat Press operates at around 325°F consistently during use, we recommend plugging the Heat Press into a separate wall outlet from the rest of the equipment so that it has available all 20Amps dedicated to that specific wall outlet. By using an extension cord to another outlet (or simply using a wall outlet that is rated for up to 30Amps like a standard Washer or Dryer), you’ll be able to efficiently & easily run everything in one location. We have 220V versions of the Heat Press available for our international clients.

Do I get commission on sales of equipment if I refer you a new clients?

Yes, Case Escape offers 100 free phone cases as a referral fee for any leads you pass on which generate into Startup Kit sales. If your leads are located in a close proximity to you, we will make sure that there is no conflict of interest by designating exclusive territories.

Can I use any type of Case with Case Escape Custom Phone Case Maker?

No, Case Escape cases are specifically designed to be compatible with the Case Escape Custom Heat Press, Case Escape molds, and tools. Because the cases are heated to nearly 350 Degrees F during the creation process, they shrink and form to size during the heating & ink transfer process.

How many cases should I start with?

From some of the shows that our clients have done, they have sold over 250 cases at a four-day event. We recommend starting with our “Business Owner Package” which comes with 1,000 cases, as you’ll save on shipping by not re-ordering every week.

Can I select any breakdown of device types with my case order? What breakdown quantity of each case type should I get?

Yes, you can select any breakdown you’d like of different device types within your case order. We have a common breakdown of what percentage of each type of device we sell based on a wide demographic. We can give you a recommendation, and you’ll be able to acquire data on your specific market when ordering more cases.

What type of phone cases do you offer?

Currently, our product line includes cases for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X/Xs, Xs Max, XsR, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy s20/s20 Plus, s10/s10 Plus/s10 Lite, s9/s9 Plus, Samsung Note 20, 10, 9, Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 3, 3XL, 2, 2XL, and more.

As new phones or tablets come out, how quickly will I be able to offer these cases to my customers?

Case Escape gets new phone and tablet cases within 2 weeks of the phone release date. We have the cases in production simultaneously during phone development, so we are one of the first to have new phone cases. The standard cases are released first, then the more protective cases a few weeks after.

Will I need to continue purchasing cases from Case Escape?

Yes, as part of purchasing your Startup Kit, Case Escape will become your exclusive supplier for cases and materials. Because our cases are specific to the Case Escape Custom Heat Press, molds, and tools we use, you will want to continue purchasing cases through Case Escape in order to continue printing the highest quality custom cases with your Custom Phone Case Maker.

Can we print copyrighted images on phone cases?

Most Case Escape clients have the customer send them the image they want to use, and check a Terms & Conditions box which places the responsibility on the customer (when we do shows, we have customers upload images to our website and check the T&C, but this can also be done at your location where you can also collect contact information for later marketing specials to). We neither recommend nor promote use of copyrighted images. For promotional or bulk orders for a university or team, we highly recommend that you receive specific licensing authorization from that organization in order to print cases for them.

Do I need to establish a business name?

To be smart, yes. Case Escape, LLC will be your exclusive supplier of materials and provide all the training and customer service you need to get started and keep things going. The rest is up to you! We recommend getting set up with your own business name to add a layer of corporate protection and diminish your personal liability. Ask and we can help you through the steps of creating you own business including filing with your local governmental agencies, designing logos, creating a website, etc.

How much time does it take to get the equipment?

We promise delivery within 2 week of ordering. All following case orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days from our Philadelphia distribution center.

How can I pay for the equipment?

For US Customers, you are able to purchase your start-up kit on our website with a credit card here. All following payments for blank wholesale cases can be paid through credit card as well. International clients must pay via wire transfer for their first purchase with us.

What kind of insurance is required?

You should hold your own general liability insurance if you are making cases in any type of retail setting. We recommend a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy which will cover you in case someone hurts themselves at your location. This is smart business practice and generally required by malls, fairs, exhibitions, etc. There are also add-ons which can cover theft or damage of equipment as well, but these are not required.

What is the total cost of a printed case to me, including ink and paper?

Our case prices vary depending upon the quantity you purchase, starting at $4.00/ea and going down from there. The ink and paper will come out to less than $0.65/case as a rough estimate. The final case cost, as you’ll see once you’ve viewed our full price list can be brought down to as little as $3.40/ea with larger quantity orders.

How do I get customers pictures ready to print?

Regardless of whether you are using a Mac or PC, we recommend using Adobe Photoshop in the cloud. There is a 30-day free trial available online and we provide video training materials and templates for you to size images properly through this application. We’ll provide you with specific printing templates for each type of device that will ensure you’re able to easily size any image to the case your customer wants.

How does the in-person training work?

We recommend our customers take advantage of the in-person training to avoid early mistakes. While we do have extensive free training manuals and video training supplements to help you along the way, there is nothing like in-person training to help you get started in the right direction. The cost will be subject to the individual based on location, so please inquire for more information.

Is there a warranty on the equipment?

Case Escape provides a 6 month warranty against all manufacturers’ defects on the Case Escape Heat Press. Our factory is very quick to issue replacement parts, repairing materials, etc. at very low costs.

How many cases can be made at once?

We recommend making 1-2 cases at a time. While it is possible to heat more simultaneously, we do not recommend it because the vacuum seal can possibly tear when under above average stress at high temperatures for extended periods of time. Your Startup Kit comes with an extra replacement vacuum seal in the event one tears, and Case Escape quickly provides low cost replacement parts afterwards.

Are any marketing materials included in the start-up kit?

Yes, we provide all artwork for banners or advertisement materials for your business in “The Business Owner” package. We would be happy to help you find an inexpensive channel to have these made as well, and we can provide additional services for logo creation, website design, etc.



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