7 Ways to Get E-Commerce Content Marketing Right


Content marketing is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your e-commerce site. You’ll need to spend some time and brain power creating quality content, but also using it strategically.


Here are seven ways to get e-commerce content marketing right.


Choose your content type

The best way to start your content marketing campaign is to choose one kind of content and get really really good at it. Don’t spread yourself and your resources out by dabbling in different types of content, just pick a kind you’re confident about. Blogs are a good choice, Case Escape has had some good success with their blog. They focus on providing relevant articles for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own phone case businesses. The most important thing is to pick a kind of content that fits well with your product and customer base.


Analyze your competition

Check in on some of your competitors and see what they’ve been creating. Look up their most recent posts using BuzzSumo to see how their posts have been doing, and what platforms they’ve been sharing them on. Now you’ve got a good idea of what sort of topics and content are popular in your niche. You also have the chance to create content in that same topic but much better than what your competitor’s been able to do.



Create guides for your customers

One really useful way to direct your content is to create guides for customers. “Teach them how to use, assemble, and even fix your products. Remember that these guides are about educating people about your product, you’re not trying to sell anything. These guides are all about showing your users that you stand behind your product and care about the people who use it,” advises Jane Farrand, e-commerce writer at Assignment Writing Service. Focus on including lots of good visuals, these will make your guide much more useful. Infographics are especially good for this purpose. For instance, Case Escape has a free startup kit guide for those interested in learning more about starting a phone case business.


Interactive content

Interactive content can make e-commerce shopping a lot more fun and engaging. Creating interactive content encourages users to remember the experience they had with your site. Try including content such as personality quizzes, web apps, and interactive videos, to increase your customer viewing time by as much as 47%. Interactive content is at its best when it’s helping a customer solve a problem. Try including a call to action in your site’s navigation to draw users to your interactive content.


Email content marketing

Email content marketing can be very useful in improving your e-commerce site’s customer retention rates. Creating and keeping loyal customers is very valuable to e-commerce, as having customers come back again and again is how you stay in business. Include an email form as part of your checkout process to allow shoppers to opt in to your email content. Send out recommendations based on past purchases. If you’d like to sign up for Case Escape’s email marketing list, please do so here.



Customer stories

Customer stories are great because they show people that the product is loved by their peers. They are also very cheap and easy to create. Try reaching out to some people who have reviewed your product positively and ask them for some more details. One great way to get some customer stories is to hold a contest where people submit stories, images, and video of themselves describing their positive experience with your brand. Check out Case Escape’s Client Spotlight of their client TechPlusTwo for an example of how to tell your customer story.


Access some online tools for help

A lot of people find writing difficult, so don’t hesitate to get some help from the experts. Here are some good resources to get you started:


  • StateofWriting and Simple Grad – These are grammar resources you can use to check over your content copy for grammatical errors. Don’t risk leaving mistakes in, it looks unprofessional.
  • Boomessays and Essayroo – Check out these online proofreading tools, suggested in com review, for help making sure your content copy is polished and free of mistakes.
  • ViaWriting and Lets Go and Learn – These are writing blogs that are full of tips and suggestions on how to write better e-commerce content. There are posts here by people who are experts at writing e-commerce content.
  • Academized ada Assignment Help – These are editing tools, recommended by Revieweal, you can use to go over your writing for typos and other errors.
  • My Writing Way and Writing Populist – Check out these writing guides for help writing your e-commerce content. Even if you’re a solid writer you can still benefit from learning new tricks to content copywriting.



Retail is all about the customer experience. Your content should be unique, memorable, and useful to the customer. Focus your content on possible problems and questions that can arise from using your product, and address them. Show your customers you stand behind what you make and care about their experience.


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