How to Build a Community for Your Brand


The biggest difference between spectacular businesses and mediocre ones is marked by a critical component, named community. This is a special factor that facilitates trust, curiosity, and a sense of loyalty among a brand’s followers, and it’s a condition that will lead to amazing benefits for the business.

When you manage to build a community around your business with loyal followers who are ready to buy every single product of yours because they trust you and they need you in their lives, you can call your business a long-term profitable brand.

Until then, you’ve got to earn your rights by creating a special connection between you and your customers and also by encouraging interactions between your fans.

How do you do that?

Well, in today’s post, we’ll share several effective community building strategies that may turn your small business into a top-notch brand. Take action and be consistent!


1.   Let Your Fans Take a Quick Peek Inside


A proper strategy that’ll help you cultivate rapport and trust with your prospects, followers, and customers is to display transparency by offering them “behind-the-scenes” moments, events, team meetings, and personal introductions. Introduce your employees, your brand culture, your objectives, expectations, values, moral responsibilities, and any other attitude that you manifest in the office.

Publish live videos or stories through Facebook and Instagram and use YouTube live or Facebook live to show meetings, events, or to simply “hang out” with your audience every now and then.

The important key thing to remember is that you should offer your viewers a sense of quality, value, and professionalism. Make them feel important by consistently answering their questions and by allowing them to have a word.


2.   Focus on What THEY Want and Feed their Needs


“Many entrepreneurs fail to understand the basic rule of business: focus on your customers instead of your own needs. Your brand’s job is to offer solutions to problems and to satisfy the needs of the selected audience. Therefore, adopting a “customer goes first” policy is critical for any business seeks long-term followers and customers.” – Mark Johnson, CEO at AuBestEssay.

Before you expect to be rewarded, you should give as much free value as possible. Show them that your presence in the marketplace is in their best interests and ask them to pay attention!

For example, here at Case Escape, we encourage entrepreneurs to start their own “phone case business” while guiding them through the process. What’s so special about it? Besides just selling the service, our website provides a highly valuable training and blog archive that contains educational material that’ll help potential customers build more successful businesses.


3.   Encourage Interactions and Get Personally Involved


Some of your fans will want to interact with you. They’ll leave comments, emails, or private messages, hoping that you’ll give them a bit of your attention.

Very often, making the time to reply to your customers queries will give you a competitive advantage in the niche. Besides all brands, yours is real because the ones who run it are not “too busy” or “too important’ to interact with simple yet curious customers.

A great strategy to encourage your brand’s community growth is to create a community channel on Facebook (as most people use it) and gather your fans so they can start interacting with each other.

Obviously, you’ll be the one who initiates the discussions at first, just until you get them accustomed to sharing their thoughts and perspectives in the group. Serve the role of the authority who consistently seeks to help people accomplish their goals.


4.   Display Your Brand’s Core Values and Mission


Building trust is critical. However, even if people begin to trust you, they’ll need more than that to become your most loyal followers.

Human beings act, most of the times, under the influence of their subconscious mind. Every person’s “hidden mind” has principles and values that get manifested whenever they’re triggered.

To make your fans develop a connection with you brand, you should display your brand’s story, core values, and unique mission statement. These are the aspects that set you apart from your competition and they’re elements that can effectively build a special kind of rapport between your audience and your brand.

5.   Develop a Loyalty Program


A well-thought loyalty program is always beneficial for businesses who seek to sell their products to the same customers more than twice. You should get creative while keeping in mind what your customers want the most from your brand. Here are some ideas or loyalty programs you can implement to your own business:

  • Active community members can win free products, cash coupons, vacations, etc.
  • After a purchase, a small discount (10%-20%) is offered for the next purchase.
  • If the customers refer his friends, he can win commissions or exclusive opportunities
  • Every week, discount coupons will be assigned to random community members


As I’ve mentioned in the introduction of this post, you can make a difference and stand out from the crowd by leveraging the community factor. Bring value, interact, educate, and inspire your audience as much as you possibly can and in time, they’ll reward you more than sufficiently. Use our strategies right now and bring your business to the next level!

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