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Every month of 2016 we will be presenting a new client who fully embodies the Case Escape vision. We do what we do in order to grow and support entrepreneurs, and in doing so love to showcase those who are pushing the limits and helping us change an industry. This month we bring you Livvy Cunningham of #bosscase™.

Livvy, in short, is a crazy busy, work-from-home, married mom of 4. In addition to being a sports agent and managing her husband’s boxing career, she is a small business owner and network marketing professional.

She’ll be the first to say that boxing is their family business, “We eat, sleep, and breathe boxing as a family. In this boxing game, 15 years in, everyday presents new challenges and it can be very stressful, but equally rewarding.” With a background in marketing, sponsorship and development, Livvy has found a true passion for ‘doing her own thing’ in business (outside of boxing).

“I learned pretty early on in my professional career that working 9-5 was not for me. Once we started a family, I was torn because felt like my job was getting the best of me and my family was getting the leftovers. I was blessed to be able to stay home and work with my husband but I never wanted to give up on my entrepreneurial dreams. And so after many years of trying different things, my brand #bosscase™ was created.”


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“#bosscase™ was started to encourage female entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. We take on a lot and sometimes our personal and professional dreams get pushed to the side. Many look to social media to connect with other women in business, share ideas and seek motivation. The idea for the line of “sassy” motivational phone cases was to be an extension of that support. So after we step away from our desks or computers, that extra little push is still with us, to keep us going or even just to make us smile.

I am absolutely thrilled with the launch of the new line. I have gotten lots of great feedback, and we are growing very fast. This project is very near and dear to me because my customer base is made up of my favorite type of people – hard working women with big dreams that are running after them. I am honored to be even just a small source of motivation to them.”

Like Livvy said, she’s off to an amazing start and we here at Case Escape are currently working with her on the order fulfillment side. In the coming months she plans to purchase a start-up kit and bring the whole operation in-house. It’s clients like Livvy that keep us motivated each and every day.
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