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The Best Corporate Event Idea for Marketing Companies in 2016

The Best Corporate Event Idea of 2016: Case Escape, LLC


Marketing and event companies rejoice! There’s a new concept in town that is the most sought after addition to 2016’s hottest party. If you’re getting tired of the traditional photo booth, look no further. With Case Escape’s Start-up Kit packages, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a one-of-a-kind experience and leave them with a custom phone case to remember the night for months to come.


Case Escape is a 3 year old company out of Philadelphia, PA which provides start-up kits to it’s clients to make phone cases in a number of different selling channels. One of the most popular have proven to be events of all kinds, which is why marketing and events companies worldwide are partnering to make custom phone cases for their clients on the spot. Case Escape is also able to sustain their client’s businesses by providing valuable resources very much beyond a traditional turn-key style operation. This has been proven successful by companies such as Match Marketing ( for its clients ranging from large scale events to small private functions. Case Escape’s equipment allows for complete customization in only a few minutes, and comes with all of the training necessary to have your staff up to speed in a matter of hours.


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How it works:


The Case Escape Start-up Kits include all of the equipment necessary for your company to work events of any size, with packages ranging from 100 to 10,000 cases or more. They are always releasing new phone case models as soon as the phone comes to market, so you will be among the first to have them for your event. With an increase in blank phone cases in each package offered comes a decrease in cost per case, so check out your different options HERE


The customer support at Case Escape is top notch through the ordering process to ensure that you’re getting the best package for your needs, but more importantly after the sale is complete to take care of any questions so you are completely satisfied with your new equipment. They can also customize packages to fit a specific event by dividing phone cases to exactly what you need, and are quick to send replacement blank phone cases, inks, and paper to keep your events timely and continuous.


Still having trouble envisioning how it works? Take a recent client, Vogue, for example. Vogue had events across the country to promote new Clinique product this past Fall which combined live illustrations and poems to be transcribed onto phone cases on the spot. The process was simple: once a customer purchases a product, they were illustrated or had a poem written about them that was then sublimated onto a phone case in a matter of minutes. The customer and company were able to customize these in any way they saw fit, adding logos, taglines, etc. to these cases for self-promotion.


Case Escape Custom Phone Case Events


Case Escape currently has over 100 clients worldwide, many of which are marketing and events companies. They have supplied for numerous different situations and know which work flawlessly and how to avoid mistakes. If you think this concept is right for your next event, please contact them HERE


Case Escape Start-up Kit Equipment

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