Apple’s iPhone 12 Full Review

If there is one big event in the tech universe, it must be the release of new iPhone smartphones. According to Apple customer experience statistics, the brand has a staggering 91% loyalty score. The brand is famous for loyal users who are eager to purchase and test new devices as soon as they come out.

This time, they are in for a treat because Apple has just released an entire lineup of 5G models. Here’s what you will learn from this post:

  • Key facts about iPhone 12
  • Camera systems
  • Battery life
  • Features of iPhone 12 models 
  • Disadvantages of the product

We have to cover a lot of details here, so let’s dive into the topic straight away!

Key Facts about iPhone 12

The first thing you should know about iPhone 12 is that it comes in four variations:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Mini

The first two models are already available as of this past Friday, with in-store sales which started on October 23. On the other hand, Pro Max and Mini will not be available before November 6 (pre-order) and 13 (in-store purchase). Starting prices vary from $699 for Mini to $1,099 for Pro Max. 

All models share the same basic features, but each comes with a set of unique characteristics. The thing you need to know is that Apple’s latest release is ready for 5G networks and the fastest wireless connection. 

Jake Gardner, an essay writing help expert, adds that iPhone 12 includes the so-called Smart Data Mode: “It’s a platform that evaluates the need for 5G. If you don’t need a super-speedy connection, it goes back to 4G automatically to improve battery endurance.”

Users interested in design will be glad to know that iPhone 12 is available in five colors – blue, green, black, red, and white. 

Camera Systems

The vast majority of smartphone owners are primarily interested in camera quality, so we need to discuss this system separately. The first impression is that the iPhone 12 cameras are slightly enhanced compared to the previous generations.

Two models – iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini – have a dual camera, while the other two versions add the third camera as well. The former system contains wide and ultra-wide lenses, while the latter also contains a telephoto lens. 

Apple also introduces the concept of computational photography that improves the actual images by making them brighter and sharper. This basically means that specially designed camera software creates enhancements to enrich images automatically. Such a system also makes it possible to shoot photos with a Night Mode on in all situations, including front and ultra-wide cameras. 

According to Apple, iPhone 12 Pro Max has the most advanced camera system to date. What makes it so special is the ability to shoot high-quality photos in low-light environments. 

Battery Life

Battery life is not something we can analyze immediately upon release, so we’ll have to rely on Apple’s claims for the time being. 

According to the company, iPhone 12 should be able to play as much as 16 hours of video materials in one shot. Keep in mind that we are talking about videos from internal storage and not about online streaming. It’s a pretty ambitious statement and we definitely look forward to testing it in practice.

Besides that, Apple enables fast charging with the iPhone 12. The new charging system – based on a 20W charger – reportedly gets 50% of the job done in 30 minutes. It sounds very promising, but we will be listening to users’ reactions in the weeks to come.

Features of iPhone 12 Models

Now we are going to focus on the key differentiators of each model. Here’s what makes new iPhone 12 devices so interesting:

  • iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is the basic version of the new model and it will probably be the best-selling device in this iteration. The reason is simple – the iPhone 12 offers you pretty much the same features as more expensive models, so it takes a genuine expert to notice the differences between different versions. What we appreciate about this device is its ceramic coating that gives an additional layer of protection to the 6.1-inch screen. 

  • iPhone 12 Pro

A slightly improved version of the iPhone 12, the Pro model comes with camera enhancements and more advanced Augmented Reality functions. It stores up to 512 GB packed in steel borders, but the cheapest version supports 128 GB only. iPhone 12 Pro also has a zoom camera lens and a brighter screen compared to the basic model. In our opinion, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a better solution if you are looking for more than just iPhone 12.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

Size is the name of the game for customers who opt in for iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is the largest device Apple has ever designed with a diagonal of 6.7 inches. As such, iPhone 12 Pro Max offers you advanced functions such as 2.5x optical zoom-in. According to Apple, Pro Max also has a longer battery life as it supports up to 20 hours of video play. 

  • iPhone 12 Mini

Contrary to Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini is designed for users who were constantly asking for a smaller Apple device. The best thing about Mini is that it supports all of the iPhone 12 features, with the only exception being its battery life (up to 15 hours of video playback).

Disadvantages of the Product

Apple is known for crafting fabulous smartphones, but they are by no means perfect. We identified a few disadvantages that could spoil the fun for tech geeks, but let’s check them out one by one here: 

  • Prices: Although Apple is now supposed to offer something for every budget, the truth is that iPhone 12 still comes with a hefty price tag. It’s not a surprise, but it might fend off some users.
  • 5G network connections: When it comes to 5G, it is fair to say that Apple is relatively late compared to other brands such as Samsung. Besides that, 5G is still in the early stage of implementation and it doesn’t play a huge role among smartphone users.
  • No accessories: Users who purchase iPhone 12 won’t find new headphones or a charger in the box. Apple eliminates these two elements to reduce waste – a nice move if you ask us – but it will disturb new users who don’t have a charging brick or headphones already. 

The Bottom Line

Every time Apple releases a new line of smartphones, customers expect to see a sensational device with tons of fresh features. While we can’t say that iPhone 12 is a miracle product, it certainly comes with enough novelties to impress even the pickiest of users.

The best thing about iPhone 12 is that you can choose from different variations of the same device based on your preferences and the budget, which is a major advantage compared to earlier iterations. 

There is something for everyone this time, but which version would you choose? Let us know in the comments!


Charlie Svensson is a tech blogger at the best essay writing services. He is interested in topics like cutting-edge technologies, business, finance, and web development. Apart from writing, Charlie enjoys traveling and meeting new people and cultures.

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