Client Spotlight: Alyssa Pangione


Alyssa is a 26 year old graphic designer/fashion guru residing in New Jersey. Her path to design started in college, where she jumped between a couple majors and ended with a degree in fashion. She was also simultaneously interning at few fashion companies that she admired to find out if that life was for her, but quickly found out that it wasn’t everything it was made out to be.

As she puts it, “I finally realized that you could have a career doing something you enjoy rather than picking random majors that sound like they’ll make you enough money to live.”

Throughout her college career, she was doodling here and there on Illustrator, but wasn’t really consistent with it. Only after leaving her last fashion job did she decide to go public with some of the art that she was creating. She didn’t think much of it at first, but the reception was overwhelmingly positive from the start.

“I decided to post about some pre-made phone case designs I had until one of my friends requested a custom case. After that, I had a bunch of requests that started snowballing and before I knew it, friends of friends and total strangers were ordering cases.”

She knew she was onto something bigger and started to put all the other elements of her business in place. Alyssa went through a few phone case suppliers, but none had the perfect combination of what she was looking for to represent her brand. She wanted something that was unique, but provided enough protection and quality to represent her art the way she wanted. “Case Escape has every quality I look for in a company that I’m working with. They’re super friendly, helpful, and they have a super fast turnaround time! Also, I love that they offer options when it comes to protection & case finish.”

Alyssa’s style is very conducive to creating completely custom designs using about 10-15 of a customers favorite things. She creates icons, unique for each order she receives,  so that her fans are receiving something truly one-of-a-kind. Each design takes her between 1-3 hours, and she keeps her prices very reasonable $45-$55. Her icons are extremely detailed, and the case comes nicely packaged with stickers, postcards, and more.

And the uniqueness is what keeps it fun for her. “I love the idea of displaying someone’s personality on the thing that’s in their hands the most. What’s a better conversation piece than these phone cases?”

As for next steps, she really wants to take her business to the next level. Designing unique lines for retail stores is something that has always been a dream of hers, especially with her love for fashion. As she continues to grow, she stays focused on her brand and enjoying the journey.

“Everyone’s been so friendly and nice and it’s just overall such a fun experience. Once I get caught up on the custom designs, I’d like to get some pre-made themed ones up on the site.” 

We’re excited to see what’s next for Alyssa. Be sure to check out her phone cases here and her instagram here. Let us know what you’d like to see on your next phone case!

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