Case Escape Startup Kit

The All New Ultra Protective 2-in-1 Fully Custom Phone Case

Protection meets Customization. Introducing our brand new Ultra Protective 2-in-1 Fully Custom Phone Cases. With a highly durable Rubber Inlay and Completely Customizable outer backing, this new addition to your Custom Phone Case Business will bring your customers a new level of protection and deliver impressive profit margins to you.

It’s a win-win. Your customers get a case that gives them some of the best protection on the market, with the ability to put any image they want onto their custom phone case and you get to offer a premium product with a great margin. The best part: we’re offering special introductory pricing. The new Ultra Protective 2-in-1’s have a retail value of $35.00 – $60.00 and start at just $9.00/ea and less wholesale for all of our Startup Kit clients.

Order a Discounted Sample Pack and See the Protection & Quality for Yourself

We can tell you all day how awesome our new Ultra Protective 2-in-1’s are, but until you pick one up and see for yourself, you’ll never be as excited as we are. That’s why we just launched our new Sample Pack Program and you’ll be able to get all of this for just $15. Every Custom Phone Case Sample Pack comes with 2 Printed Samples, one of which is our Ultra Protective 2-in-1 and the other is our standard impact-resistant base model (1 Matte and 1 Glossy), you’ll also get 2 Blank Case samples so you’ll be able to see the before & after of blank case to finished masterpiece.

Available for iPhone 5/5S and 4/4S, here’s what our new Ultra Protective 2-in-1 Custom Phone Cases look like:

Ultra Protective 2-in-1 Case by Case Escape Stand Alone Image












Our Startup Kit clients have been asking for this for a while. Prices for new iPhones will remain high at anywhere from $199 – $899 depending upon the amount of GB memory you want, and if you’re fine with being tied down to a specific wireless carrier for 1-2yr contracts. Everybody wants a case that protects their investment and shows their unique individuality.

More than ever, it’s becoming an incredibly fast-growing market for Protective Phone Cases. Offering consumers a phone case that not only totally protects their device from breaking when dropped, but one that they can put a high quality  image of their family, favorite dog, car, sports team, artwork, or business logo on is an incredible value proposition. The biggest selling factor of our Custom Phone Case Makers is that it only takes 10 minutes or less to make a case, and that process is the same with our Ultra Protective 2-in-1’s. Since you’ll be buying these cases starting at $9.00/ea and less & selling them at retail for $35.00 – $60.00, your margins will be over 300% – 800% on each case. Now that’s awesome.

Selling custom phone cases has proven to be a lucrative business for our clients, and with the addition of this premium case, your customers are going to want to opt to spend a little more and get the more protective case every time. And because they’ll get their case in a matter of minutes, what’s not to like? There’s truly something to be said for the power of instant gratification on the minds of shoppers.

Order one of our Case Escape Sample Packs today and see for yourself the quality & clarity of the cases you’ll be able to make with your very own Startup Kit.


All New Ultra Protective 2-in-1 Fully Custom Phone Case by Case Escape

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