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A New Years Resolution Everyone Can Relate To: The Work-Life Conundrum

It’s almost New Years Eve. Most people take this day as a time to reflect, think about the present, and look to improve their future. What’s 2014 going to be for you?

Along with all of the celebrating, there is also the common tradition of picking your resolution- at least one thing which will make your life even better, healthier, but most importantly, happier. While what it means to be happy is different for everyone, there are certain commonalities as well. One of these universal trends among the working class today is that we are having difficult finding the proper work/life balance. We view our work as an obligation, a means to an end which we hope will allow us to enjoy the other things in life that much more. We hope, but this is rarely the case.

In the words of Michael Josephson, “Some people live to work, others work to live. The happiest are those that love their work and still live a full life”. The reason Ryan and I started Case Escape is purely based on this simple quote. We were both living lives that we didn’t fully enjoy and decided as quickly as possible to change that. We did this not only for ourselves but for those with the same mindset by providing opportunities for individuals to become small business owners.

We found a need for an easy-to-enter and easy-to-understand concept that could have an entrepreneur up and running with a few day’s time. There was just nothing cost effective enough for the masses to take part and such a large demographic hiding their creativity and skill. We knew this, saw the opportunity, and have seen the success from our clients time and time again that proves we made the right decision.

The change for us was not just invigorating; it sparked a fire that will burn for a lifetime. We will continue to improve our product offering and customer service to capture the widest market possible, because we believe everyone should have the same opportunities. To love our work is something we never thought possible, and to finally experience it means we can never look back. While we know that this path is not for everyone, we are here as a support system for those interested. Have a Happy New Year, and if you’re looking for a life changing experience in 2014, just know you don’t have to look much further.

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