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A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the United States is on the rise. According to Business Insider, the number of people starting their own business reached a 13-year high in 2020. If you’re interested in joining their ranks, you may be daunted by the prospect of becoming your own boss. It’s understandable. Taking on the role of entrepreneur full-time is a big commitment, mentally and financially. It also requires significant investment in terms of time.
If you don’t yet feel ready to start your own company, there are still steps you can take to explore the world of entrepreneurship and lay the groundwork for a future company of your own. Read on for some quick tips.
Prepare yourself for possible entrepreneurship with the right education.
If you feel like you don’t yet have all the skills needed to manage your own business, why not go back to school? An online business degree from a school like Western Governors University will give you the knowledge and credentials you need to succeed in your career, whether you choose to start your own business or work for other companies. You can select from diverse specialties, from healthcare management to marketing.

Brainstorm low-risk business models that fit your skills and resources.

If you’re wary about jumping into business ownership, you probably want to prioritize low-risk business models that don’t require a huge financial investment. A prominent voice in this space, Ryan Robinson, offers a list of small business ideas, including consulting, online reselling, and virtual teaching. Choose an option that fits your skills and resources. By selecting a business model with low overhead costs, you can gain confidence in the prospect of entrepreneurship.
Write a business plan to get full oversight of your potential business model.

Once you’ve found a business model that you think might be a good choice for you, explore the possibility further by writing a business plan. The Small Business Administration explains that this document outlines how your business would be managed. One part of writing a business plan includes conducting a market analysis. Campaign Creators explains that this lets you figure out how much demand there will be for your offering. If you’re a possible entrepreneur-to-be, this is a great way to determine how viable your idea is.
Get your toes wet with a guided side business.

If you still don’t feel ready to pursue your own business concept, you can test the water of running your own company by picking up a side hustle. Case Escape provides all the equipment and information you need to start your own phone case business. It’s something you can do alongside a full-time day job, giving you flexibility and confidence. You can get help with training, order fulfillment, design, and more.
Talk to other entrepreneurs for inspiration and “must do” suggestions.
Finally, if you’re still feeling uncertain about possibly starting a business, try talking to other business owners. This will give you honest insights into the ups and downs of business ownership. These honest conversations can help you determine if you’re ready to start your own business or not. They can also advise on areas of startup life that you shouldn’t skimp on, like business formation, professional accounting, and top-quality marketing. According to Boot Strap Bootcamp, this kind of networking can also benefit your business in the future.
Entrepreneurship can be a wonderful way to gain greater freedom in your professional life. However, it isn’t for everybody. Take the above steps to explore entrepreneurship and get an idea of what owning a small business might be like — and to determine if it’s for you.
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