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8 Entrepreneurial Ideas for a Recent College Graduate

If we’re being honest – entrepreneurship is a top buzz word of 2019. It seems that everyone in their 20s and 30s is trying to start a business. Entrepreneurship is the gateway to freedom: setting your own hours, making your own money, and living your life the way you want. While that all seems great, starting a business is much more than just an idea on Shark Tank.

Getting a degree, honing in on your skills, and using the excess time to create a business is a great way to get started. You’ll never again have the amount of free time you have in your high school and college years. If you’re reading this right now during a study break and thinking the opposite, just wait until you have a career, a mortage, a family, and any number of other responsbilities.

Just because you have a plethora of time doesn’t mean that you instantly have the idea that sets the world on fire. Often times, college students graduate without a clear plan of what they want to do with their lives. The options today are endless, and this can be extremely overwhelming. If you decide that starting a business is right for you, the most common challenge is creating a balance between starting a business you love and a business that sells. For recent graduates, it is definitely possible to mix the two. Turning an idea into a source of revenue is one of the hardest things you’ll do – especially with limited real world experience.

To help channel your entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve assembled a list of the 8 best business ideas for a recent graduate.

1. Writing/Editing business

If you’re intrigued by Social Sciences, there is a high probability that you are good with words. It is rare to possess good writing skills in today’s dynamic business world, having a skill of expression isn’t just suitable for impressing your colleagues and professors – you can make a booming business out of it.

  • Writing and editing are viable career paths for students majoring in English and Journalism, as it is a logical and chronological continuation of the principles they’ve been refining for the duration of their program.
  • There is very little overhead when starting an editorial/writing agency. All you need is a plan of execution and have space where you can work without interruption.
  • At first, you can start on your own, but if you see your business expanding, it is possible to attract other aspiring editors, writers and proofreaders to your venture through freelance sites like Upwork.

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you feel there is too much work. Invest some of the money you’ve saved and outsource the projects you cannot complete in time. You can use the services of any custom essay writing company. Determine the details, the topic and send it to a writer for perspicacious content.

2. Graphic Design agency

Have you studied graphic design or multimedia arts? If yes, excellent. Even though 20% of all startups and new businesses fail after one year, they still have a distinct need for differentiating elements. This is where you come in.

  • If you’ve studied digital arts, you certainly have all the tools to make clients happy. Even a few tutorials or help from a friend can guide you through this venture.
  • There is no need for any kind of fancy office or renting a space. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection and good old social media marketing. Businesses do scour social media for agencies that can do the branding for them.
  • You don’t have to do it full-time. If you don’t feel like it, you can reject projects and work on the ones you want. Therefore, graphic design is an easy business venture in terms on time and money invested.

Make sure you don’t forget your branding, too. Metamorphose and restyle your brand from others and you will be able to score gigs and contracts as often as you want. Just be persistent. If you’re looking to showcase your work, Belooga is a great platform which incorporates video side by side with your resume.

3. Start a Phone Case Selling Business

Just a few years ago, people did not take phone cases seriously. They were leaving their phones unprotected for long period of time, resulting in damage and expensive repairs. Nowadays, it’s usual for people to have multiple different cases for several purposes. And after graduating, you can use this to earn some good money.

  • Using the services of companies like Case Escape, you can become a certified phone case seller. You can use existing designs or create your own and resell them to people.
  • It is a market that’s constantly active, resulting in a pretty profit for all those who decide to capitalize. Besides, running such a business can be done from your home so that you don’t need any facilities – just some good marketing capabilities.

4. Mobile app development agency

If you enjoy coding and you excel at it, then it might be a good idea to further develop your skills by entering the mobile application development market. At first, you don’t have to think of any revolutionary idea, but require a running program to present to your employers.

  • Before you start working with clients, try developing an app or two of your own to add to your portfolio. They don’t need to be heavily promoted, but you need working versions that will help you show your clients that your proficient in your field.
  • The key to promoting your development agency is to market yourself as a service that brings ideas to life. For instance, a lot of people have ideas but don’t have development skills.

5. Freelance photography

Do you like photography and have a camera? What are you waiting for? Freelance photography is one of the most profit-making fields where everyone can succeed. There is no need for a photography degree, nor a fancy course. It’s all about the feel for the profession and the willingness to put in work.

  • Firstly, you can put ads on social media for people to contact you if they need a photographer. As long as your social presence represents the type of work you can produce, this is enough to get gigs.
  • Offer premium services, not just mere photography. Expand your ideas. Give people the opportunity to get custom-made photos, with additional retouching, promotion and everything.
  • Start with shooting people, scenery and simple objects. Once you build up a portfolio, companies will notice your skills and ask you to work for them. There are a million options to find employment as a photographer. You can take pictures of products, market campaigns or create content for blogs and other websites.
  • If you need extra money, you can sell stock photos on various sites and gain recognition. Even here, people might notice your work and give you additional opportunities.

6. Event organization

Are you enlightened by organizing events and doing all the hard work? There is no reason why you shouldn’t take this skill to the next level.

  • Organization skills and the ability to establish connections and network with people are crucial for success in this type of a business. Start small and work your way to bigger events.
  • Event organization includes knowledge of venues, marketing and virtuous human relations skills. Even this niche has niches within itself. For example, if you like more formal events, you can be a wedding planner or corporate event coordinator.
  • For those of you who appreciate informal gatherings – try graduation parties, birthday rendezvous or other occasions that warrant celebration. If you have a team of people to join you, that’s even better.

7. Fitness instruction

If you love sports activities and hold a lot knowledge about exercise and nutrition, fitness instruction could be the easiest and best idea for you. Even though there are numerous sites dedicated to fitness and health, people still do not know how to get into shape and instead injure themselves trying new exercises. Why not earn surplus money while staying healthy and helping people prolong their lives?

  • You don’t need a certification, though it’s advised that you have them to get the top clients. You can advertise on social media stating that you are willing to provide instruction and motivation at the gym. For personal training sessions, you and your first clients can join the same gym and you can guide them through workouts.
  • If you want a higher pay check, you’re going to have to get certified by organizations like the AAFA. This will make you look experienced on your resume and attract clients.
  • Don’t forget to record testimonial videos thought a website like Belooga, alongside before-and-after photos of you and your clients, to show people that your program works.

8. Food and catering

In college, everyone learns how to cook to sustain themselves. If you have mastered the skill of cooking and have a liking for this niche, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use your exemplary skills to make money. Most importantly, for a catering business idea, you’re going to need a team of people.

  • Allocate roles effectively, choose your target audience by specializing in a specific cuisine. To kickstart your restaurant or catering business, you can start by providing meals at your friends and family gatherings. Also, a wedding or a funeral can net you a great amount of money and the personal opinions of people can help you can expand the overall service.
  • Believe it or not, catering businesses have one of the highest ROI rates in all industries. This is because ingredients are cheap, tools are durable and there is no complex thinking. The hours are flexible, which is suitable if you have other ventures in mind.

Concluding thoughts

Though graduation is no small event in your life, you shouldn’t be afraid of what comes after. There are many tools that can help the transition from college to the real world.

You don’t need a large investment nor a completely unique idea to start your first business. The only things that you might require are persistence, time and the ability to provide excellent customer service.

With the business ideas we’ve just presented, you have the opportunity to prove yourself in a market that’s competitive but not impossible to make a name for yourself. Every company is in need of basic writing services or design work and it’s up to you to give the people what they want. Good luck!

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Michael Gorman is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works at writing services. In his many articles, he has shown entrepreneurs how a simple thing as ordering college essays online can help their business. Feel free to contact him via Facebook or check his Twitter.

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