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4 Low Cost & Free Ways To Promote Your Business Online

These 4 Inexpensive (or Free) Ways to Promote Your Business Online are the results of a whole lot of trial and error. We compiled this list based on our testing, so that you can skip what doesn’t work and jump straight to the real money-makers in the eCommerce world.


Advertising is a necessary evil, we know. As a small business owner, it can be a difficult decision to jump in and start spending money with the hope (but not promise) of at least making your money back and picking up some new customers along the way.

Online Business Ideas

Here are 4 Inexpensive & Free Ways to Promote Your Business Online


1. Google AdWords.

Here’s a screenshot from one of our Google Ads that points toward our Etsy Store. We started taking our Etsy Business seriously about a month ago, just before the iPhone 6 and 6+ came out.

Setting up Google AdWords takes less than 10 minutes and you can set your own budget. Simply set the keywords for what people search for when looking for you, and it bumps your ad to the top.

They also charge on a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) basis, so you only spend money when someone clicks on your ad. If you already rank high in some searches, try different keywords that may also drive traffic to you. Google AdWords allows everything to be customizable, so you can deliver the message you want.

They also offer Re-Targeting services, which serves up your ads to people who have already checked out your site as a reminder to come back. You can get as specific as sending a particular message to leads depending on which page of your site they check out!

Google AdWords Example for Custom iPhone 6 and 6+ Case Ads Etsy

2. Etsy Promotions

If you’re in the business of handmade goods (like ridiculously awesome iPhone Cases), then you absolutely need to be on Etsy.

Etsy caps your advertising budget at $12/day, so this is also a reasonable tool to use without putting too much skin in the game. They’ll promote your entire store, or certain products based on your preferences and keywords you outline (opt to choose your own keywords based on what you think your customers will be searching for).

If you already have an Etsy page set up, or plan on having one, this is a no-brainer. We have personally seen more than double our investment from using this channel. Getting creative with the titles of your items, and the keywords to back them up is crucial. This is how you’ll make increasingly beneficial investments in your business.

Visit our page for further ideas:

Etsy Promoted Post


3. Blogging Frequently

Blogging has been by far our best time investment in getting our business ranked in only the top search results for the keywords our customers are searching for. You found us didn’t you?!

It’s a great way to draw potential customers to your site. Not only is blogging free, it’s highly effective because it is boosting your organic search rankings (this is permanent!) and provides relevant information that your audience will want to read. Did we mention that it’s free?!

Utilizing a high quality company blog will automatically rank you higher on google searches, and linking other sites on your post will boost you even more. One of our best performing blog posts is The Top 6 Cool New Corporate Events for 2014 because we were able to partner with 5 other companies for this post and link them all in. Check it out here:

 Top 6 Cool New Corporate Event Ideas for 2014


4. Pinterest Promoted Pins

There are hundreds of Pinterest users known as “Pinterest Celebrities” that have incredibly huge followings. For a small amount, they’ll post relevant products of yours onto their carefully curated Pinterest Boards.

They have millions of followers, so utilizing this could bring thousands of people to purchase your item and check out your company. Choosing the right Pinterest influencers for your product is crucial, because their followers will be looking for relevant content that jives well with the established brand they’ve come to know.

Make sure to take professional looking pictures of your product before doing this, because Pinterest is all about looks. This particular case below has performed really well for us on both Pinterest and in Search Results due to the inclusion of high-traffic keywords like “Nike”:

 Nike Roshe Run Pink Camo Etsy iPhone 6 Case


Have any tips you’d like to share that have worked well for your business?

Post in the comments below.

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