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4 Etsy Sellers Making Over $100,000 Per Year Selling Phone Cases

Today, we’re covering 4 of our favorite Etsy Phone Case Sellers that started out with Custom Phone Case Makers of their own and created highly successful online businesses that require minimal effort. These Etsy Sellers are incredible examples of how to sell phone cases online.


In today’s world of interconnected marketplaces and growing eCommerce selling opportunities, it’s easy to find an audience for your products – if you know how to do it right and you’re not afraid to work hard.


These 4 Etsy Sellers have done an incredible job of launching their businesses and creating demand for their phone cases. Selling phone cases online, whether custom or created from your own unique designs is one of the absolute best selling channels for Case Escape clients because of the low startup cost, high margins on cases, and unlimited growth potential.


These 4 Etsy Phone Case Sellers alone account for nearly 50,000 sales on Etsy’s eCommerce platform. With an average selling price ranging from $18 – $25, that’s a combined $1,000,000 or more in revenue from the sale of phone cases on just Etsy’s platform. Couple that with utilizing additional selling channels of  craft fairs and special events with your mobile Custom Phone Case Making Kit, and you’ll find your phone case business bringing in a lot of revenue.


4 Etsy Sellers that Make $100,000 Per Year by Selling Phone Cases Online


1. Rock Steady Cases:

With over 15,000 sales of iPhone & Samsung cases, Rock Steady Cases comes in with an average of over 10.5 sales per day in the less than two years they’ve been open. RockSteadyCases has created quite a business for themselves with Etsy serving as one of their largest selling channels online for marble designs. They are a great example of how the combination of creativity, drive, and dedication can lead to success with the right business skills and selling channels.

Learn More: Rock Steady Cases on Etsy


2. Simply Customized Gift Company:

Bella Vita Shoppe has brought in just over 16,000 sales of their personalized phone cases through Etsy since shop owner Beth opened her store in April of 2013, nearly 4 years ago. With a focus on offering customized and monogramed phone cases to their customers, they’ve been able to continue with successfully selling phone cases at a competitive retail price point of $16.95 – $21.95 because of the awesome added value of being able to get your own pictures, logos, and artwork printed onto your own phone case.

Learn More: Bella Vita Shoppe


3. Case Escape:

Case Escape, opened in 2014 by Matt Feldman has brought in nearly 14,000 phone cases sales in just over 4 years. With an incredible talent for nature and geometric designs, Matt’s online phone case business was a natural new selling channel to boost revenue for his business in a way that he absolutely loved. With many of his case designed sporting original content, his shop has become a destination for iPhone & Samsung cases that grew from beautiful Southern California, to expand worldwide.

Learn More: Case Escape


4. Joy Merryman:

Joy Merryman Store, with over 24,000 case sales since opening their shop in 2009, is my favorite example of a business owner leveraging current trends in pop culture to drive revenues. With the proliferation of the ‘designer’ persona over the past couple of years, the search term “Designer iPhone Cases” and similar terms are consistently logging over 500,000 monthly searches on Google. Shop owner Joy has done an impressive job of bringing in online sales for her business through this strategy.

Learn More: Joy Merryman Store


There you have it. 4 Etsy Sellers that are living proof of the incredible opportunities that having your own Phone Case Business can afford you.


Want to learn more? Download our Startup Kit Information Guide and get started with your custom phone case business now.

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