10 Ways A Multilingual Website Can Increase Traffic: Case Study

When the average entrepreneur hears about a multilingual website, the first thought that comes to mind is a large international corporation that operates worldwide. In truth, the creation of a multilingual site can help increase traffic even if you deal with a small to medium business. As an example, a website that sells mobile phone cases will benefit quite a lot by turning to international customers by the localization of already available content. Since mobile phone cases represent a deeply personal or brand item, a multilingual website is a chance to reach an even wider customer base and increase traffic.

10 Ways How a Multilingual Website Increases Traffic: Case Study

The primary reason why a multilingual website will help to increase traffic is clever localization that will include basic SEO requirements. This can be achieved by adjusting your website’s content to meet the demands of each particular market. Turning to the case study of Case Escape’s custom phone case business website, there are at least ten reasons why the traffic and the sales are bound to increase:

  1. Each country has specific phone case requirements. It is common for mobile phone cases to have a print of a national flag or popular objects that identify a country’s identity. Offering a Spanish or Chinese website, for instance, will bring in customers wishing to order custom phone cases from these countries.
  1. Localization provides cultural adjustments of any advertisement. Once the cultural aspect is taken into consideration, it will attract creative personalities and designers who will be interested in the creation of custom phone cases. The quality of localization is crucial, therefore, take your time to review content localization services to understand available options. Remember that any legal text must be translated by a certified specialist.
  1. Target a particular audience with SEO keywords. Covering a greater range of international keywords increases traffic from search engines and leads to a greater online presence.
  1. Focus on cultural and national events. Since most countries will have national events, celebrations, or cultural events, mentioning these on your website will increase traffic and show respect for cultural traditions.
  1. Creation of personal mobile phone case brands. The creation of personal mobile phone cases is quite popular in countries where it is a sign of status or family heritage. Coming up with culturally correct and respectful content will help to target a specific, noble audience. Make sure that you choose a proper expert in website localization by taking a look through top translation companies. Remember to specify the target country and business requirements.  
  1. International social media presence. As Case Escape’s case study shows, the creation of a multilingual website is a direct way to increase social networks’ presence and increase traffic from the international links.
  1. Exchange of links leading to similar websites. Presenting content in more than one language reveals new opportunities for links exchange and participation in regional catalogs or advertisement networks.
  1. Creation of country-specific mobile phone case campaigns. Offering discounts and special competitions that are linked to national holidays or end of the academic year, as an example, is a great way to target international customers and bring even more traffic to the website.
  1. Organize various surveys in the language of your choice. Find out why some mobile phone cases are more popular and why some do not sell at all by organizing user surveys in several languages. Collecting such data will help to focus on successful ideas and address the weaknesses.
  1. The presence of business proposals and company information in several languages. Since most customers want to have a print of movie stars, athletes, or musicians, it is important to provide the user agreement information and state possible limitations. The creation of a custom phone case manual in several languages will help to keep one’s business in a legal field and operate without copyright infringements.

Does Increased Traffic Lead to More Sales?

Even though it is not an instant process, Case Escape’s foreign market presence shows that the company receives more recognition and gets mentioned more often among foreign designers. An increase in traffic brings more people, which means that there are more advertisement types and a word-of-mouth exchange. Since some of the mobile phone case markets are hardly covered by high-quality offerings, presenting a multilingual website becomes a direct way to earn the customer’s trust. Keeping the content updated and socially focused becomes a reliable success formula.


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